• Eggs Treme $15.00

    poached eggs, boudin, french bread, hollandaise

  • Truffled Eggs & Spinach $14.00

    parmesan polenta, tomato coulis, poached egg

  • Duck Hash $17.00

    poached eggs, duck confit, blackberries, mangos, hollandaise, bacon vinaigrette

  • Bagel Sandwich $14.00

    sausage or bacon, eggsyerway, cheddar cheese, housemade pepper jelly, brunch potoatoes

  • Brunch Burger $15.00

    bacon-onion relish, cheddar cheese, housemade pickles, brunch potatoes

  • Chicken Confit Salad $15.00

    Louisiana strawberries, arugula, roasted shallot, vinaigrette, cracklin', pecans

  • Chicken & Andouille Gumbo $9.00

  • Soup Du Jour $9.00


  • Season $5.99

    Tomato,cucumber,lettuce and carrot.

  • Greek $4.99

    Tomato,cucumber,green pepper,onion,olives and feta cheese.

  • Caesar Salad $5.99

    The traditional crispy lettuce salad topped with chicken.


  • Haloumi Bacon $6.99

    Traditional grilled Cypriot cheese wrapped in bacon.

  • Shrimp Saganaki $11.99

    Shrimp sauteed in an ouzo, cheese and tomato sauce.

  • Wild Mushrooms $4.99

    Grilled wild mushrooms with freshly squeezed lemon.

  • Octopus in Wine Sauce $11

    Slices of octopus sauteed in a white wine & tomato sauce.

Main Dishes

  • Roast Lamb $9.99

    Oven lamb, served with pureed potato and grilled vegetables.

  • Chicken Oriental $13.99

    Ginger, onion, cashew nuts in a soy sauce served on rice.

  • T-bone Veal steak $6.99

    Served with baked potato and grilled vegetables.

Special Dishes

  • Menu Item

    Risotto $9.99

    Fillet of beef, chicken, bamboo, onions & garlic.

  • Menu Item

    Shrimp Curry $9.99

    Slightly spicy shrimp and vegetables.

  • Menu Item

    Mushroom with Truffle Oil $13.99

    With garlic, onion and red wine.

  • Menu Item

    Penne with Chicken and Zucchini $8.99

    With a cream and tomato sauce.

  • Menu Item

    Tagliatelle Salmon $8.99

    Onion, garlic, vodka in a creamy tomato sauce.

  • Menu Item

    Tagliatelle Bon Fillet $12.99

    With beetroot confit, horseradish and mandarin sauce

  • Menu Item

    Penne Spinach and Sesame $9.99

    Onion, garlic, sesame seeds in a fresh cream sauce.

  • Menu Item

    Beef in Lemon Sauce $3.99

    Beef medallions served with basmati rice.

  • Menu Item

    Beefburger Roquefort $8.99

    Homemade patties , served with pureed potato.

  • Menu Item

    Pork Fillet with Mustard Sauce $9.99

    Served with grilled vegetables.