Eggs Treme  17
boudin cake, poached eggs, popcorn crawfish, hollandaise

Eggs Louisianne  20
crab cake, poached eggs, with creole hollandaise

The Boudreaux  16
sunny side eggs, alligator sausage, jalapeño corn bread, crystal potatoes, creole hollandais

Duck Hash  17
duck confit, blackberries, mangos, poached eggs, hollandaise, bacon vinaigrette

Eggs Benedict  15
canadian bacon, poached eggs, english muffin, hollandaise

Louisianan Crab Omelette  17
cream cheese, spinach, truffle

Eggs Atchafalaya   19
fried green tomatoes, poached eggs, jumbo lump crab, hollandaise

French Toast  12
bananas foster

Fruit & Granola   9
housemade granola, seasonal fruit, vanilla yogurt

Huevos Rancheros  14
eggs yerway on a grilled tortilla with refried beans, salsa creole, and chorizo

Louisiana Crab Salad   15
pancetta, pecans, peaches with pineapple ginger vinaigrette

Baby Romaine Salad 11
cucumber, cherry tomatoes, ciabatta croutons, buttermilk feta dressing

Fried Green BLT  15
with pork belly, fried green tomatoes, and microgreens on a toasted baguette

Steak Sandwich   15
flank steak, mixed  greens, tomatoes, boursin cheese, roasted red pepper aioli

Louisiana Crab Salad  15
mixed greens, hearts of palm, cilantro, peanuts, green curry vinaigrette

Caesar Salad  11
head-on grilled shrimp – add $5

Grits and Grillades   17
veal cutlets, smothered in creole mushroom gravy

Savory Bread Pudding  12
daily prep

 Gumbo du jour  9

Available Weekday Brunches:

Shrimp Po Boy  12
dressed on french bread

Atchafalaya Burger  13
Neuskies bacon, sunny-side up egg, caramelized onion, gruyere cheese

Market Fish  22
charred corn & cabbage slaw, purple potato, smoked tomato jalapeno vinaigrette

Shrimp & Grits  23
head-on gulf shrimp, andouille, moked tomatoes, crispy grit cake


Boudin 5
Andoullie Sausage   5
Alligator Sausage   5
Breakfast Sausage   5
Applewood Smoked Bacon   4
Cream Cheese Grits   4
Vanilla Yogurt   4
Brunch Potatoes   4
English muffin or Multi-Grain Toast   3
Jalepeño Cornbread   3